Monday, August 23, 2010

Alphabet Blocks by Fisher Price


More fun than you might expect.
My husband and I bought these blocks as extras for the Incrediblock we'd purchased for our then nine-month-old son. While my son wasn't (and still isn't) wowed by the Incrediblock (you can see my review on that page), he does enjoy playing with the Alphabet Blocks.

I like the fact that each block has a big capital letter, and inside, something that starts with that letter; for example, the "D" block has a dog. We'll be able to use these blocks for a long time because of that; I can imagine spending time with my son and teaching him that "C" is for cat -- and he'll be able to see both to make that association.

My son, on the other hand, couldn't care less at this point about the letters of the alphabet (he'll soon be one year old), but he does enjoy stacking and knocking over the blocks, banging them together, and especially shaking the ones that make noise. One of his favorites is the "I" block, which has an ice cream sundae inside with lots of sprinkles that rattle merrily when he shakes it.

All in all, this is a good, affordable, durable, educational and fun set of blocks. My family continues to be very pleased with them.

Great to add to your collection, but not the best Peek-a-Blocks
I really love all the Fisher Price Peek a Blocks---I saw them long before I knew we'd have a surprise #3 baby and I would actually have an excuse to buy them! Now we own pretty much all the sets. I would have to say this set, although big, is one of the weaker ones. The letters on the sides sometimes block seeing what's inside too well, and the toys inside are not as interactive or interesting as is the case with some of these blocks---for example, a horse that just sits there, a zylophone that doesn't move much, an apple that turns. I like their blocks with tiny things to shake inside or the like---the kind of things babies can't generally play with as they are too small, but that are made safe by being enclosed! Also, having ABCs is most just a way to have a set here I think---unless you are very into early learning, I don't think most babies are really ready to associate the letters with the toys inside (I know SOME babies are, but not that many, and not mine!) However, all this said, I still would say to buy this set, if you know you like this kind of block---It's great to add 26 more in one fell swoop!

Pretty good deal but could be more exciting
I bought these blocks for my daughter when she was 9 months old and she really only enjoys them now. She is 14 months now and is starting to recognize some of the objects inside when I ask her to get them. But be warned bc they're not great for the real younger babies since there are only a few of them that really do anything like beep or rattle. Most of them just have a stationary object that may jiggle a bit. The ones that you can twist yourself are not child-friendly. She can't turn the knob at all so she gets frustrated. My 3 yr old can just do it. He likes them too bc they incorporate the alphabet. Another thing is that the printed letters block some of the objects so it's harder to see inside. I would more so recommend a diff set for a younger baby (6 mos)- like the sound sensations and these for an older child (1 yr). Although you can't beat the price for 26 of these blocks! I also just recently got the Roll-A-Rounds by fisher price as a gift. It's the same concept but a ball vs block. She likes them ALOT!

What a great idea!
This is my first experience with peek-a-boo blocks. I bought this set for my nephew for his 1st birthday and he's absolutely nuts about them. He does all the obvious baby stuff like grasping and chewing and scattering them but he also closely examines what is inside - I can almost see the neurons firing in his little brain. Of course the letters are meaningless right now and yes they might somewhat obstruct the view to the little thing inside but so what? He eventually learns different levels of focus; layers of education.

Pricey? Well, that depends. My 3-year old niece loves the blocks just as much and they have deeper meaning for her because she knows all the letters to the alphabet and that the little thing inside the block starts with the letter that's printed on it. Like I said, layers of education. Well worth $25 in my opinion.

Oh how I wish I would have known about this type of product when my kids were babies. My son would have loved them. The only reason I rated it as a 4-star as opposed to a 5 is that I am unaware of the availability of other peek-a-boo products. I cannot rate it as "best" when I have nothing to compare it to. Highly recommended

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