Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fisher Price Baby's First Blocks - Pink

Pink First Blocks by Fisher Price : For Girl !!!

Product Description :
        Ten bright blocks are ready for baby to drop into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid with Baby's First Blocks by Fisher Price. Filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. Then baby can move on to sorting and stacking, learning about identifying and matching shapes while having fun.

Product Features :
        * 10 Blocks in Pink.
        * Stacking fun for Kids.

Product Details :
        * Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 8 inches ; 1 pounds
        * Shipping Weight: 2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
        * ASIN: B001GKF4N6
        * Item model number: N6231
        * Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #175,436 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games)
        * Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet. Be the first.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Alphabet Blocks by Fisher Price


More fun than you might expect.
My husband and I bought these blocks as extras for the Incrediblock we'd purchased for our then nine-month-old son. While my son wasn't (and still isn't) wowed by the Incrediblock (you can see my review on that page), he does enjoy playing with the Alphabet Blocks.

I like the fact that each block has a big capital letter, and inside, something that starts with that letter; for example, the "D" block has a dog. We'll be able to use these blocks for a long time because of that; I can imagine spending time with my son and teaching him that "C" is for cat -- and he'll be able to see both to make that association.

My son, on the other hand, couldn't care less at this point about the letters of the alphabet (he'll soon be one year old), but he does enjoy stacking and knocking over the blocks, banging them together, and especially shaking the ones that make noise. One of his favorites is the "I" block, which has an ice cream sundae inside with lots of sprinkles that rattle merrily when he shakes it.

All in all, this is a good, affordable, durable, educational and fun set of blocks. My family continues to be very pleased with them.

Great to add to your collection, but not the best Peek-a-Blocks
I really love all the Fisher Price Peek a Blocks---I saw them long before I knew we'd have a surprise #3 baby and I would actually have an excuse to buy them! Now we own pretty much all the sets. I would have to say this set, although big, is one of the weaker ones. The letters on the sides sometimes block seeing what's inside too well, and the toys inside are not as interactive or interesting as is the case with some of these blocks---for example, a horse that just sits there, a zylophone that doesn't move much, an apple that turns. I like their blocks with tiny things to shake inside or the like---the kind of things babies can't generally play with as they are too small, but that are made safe by being enclosed! Also, having ABCs is most just a way to have a set here I think---unless you are very into early learning, I don't think most babies are really ready to associate the letters with the toys inside (I know SOME babies are, but not that many, and not mine!) However, all this said, I still would say to buy this set, if you know you like this kind of block---It's great to add 26 more in one fell swoop!

Pretty good deal but could be more exciting
I bought these blocks for my daughter when she was 9 months old and she really only enjoys them now. She is 14 months now and is starting to recognize some of the objects inside when I ask her to get them. But be warned bc they're not great for the real younger babies since there are only a few of them that really do anything like beep or rattle. Most of them just have a stationary object that may jiggle a bit. The ones that you can twist yourself are not child-friendly. She can't turn the knob at all so she gets frustrated. My 3 yr old can just do it. He likes them too bc they incorporate the alphabet. Another thing is that the printed letters block some of the objects so it's harder to see inside. I would more so recommend a diff set for a younger baby (6 mos)- like the sound sensations and these for an older child (1 yr). Although you can't beat the price for 26 of these blocks! I also just recently got the Roll-A-Rounds by fisher price as a gift. It's the same concept but a ball vs block. She likes them ALOT!

What a great idea!
This is my first experience with peek-a-boo blocks. I bought this set for my nephew for his 1st birthday and he's absolutely nuts about them. He does all the obvious baby stuff like grasping and chewing and scattering them but he also closely examines what is inside - I can almost see the neurons firing in his little brain. Of course the letters are meaningless right now and yes they might somewhat obstruct the view to the little thing inside but so what? He eventually learns different levels of focus; layers of education.

Pricey? Well, that depends. My 3-year old niece loves the blocks just as much and they have deeper meaning for her because she knows all the letters to the alphabet and that the little thing inside the block starts with the letter that's printed on it. Like I said, layers of education. Well worth $25 in my opinion.

Oh how I wish I would have known about this type of product when my kids were babies. My son would have loved them. The only reason I rated it as a 4-star as opposed to a 5 is that I am unaware of the availability of other peek-a-boo products. I cannot rate it as "best" when I have nothing to compare it to. Highly recommended

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview : Interest Case of Brilliant first block for develop your child.

Today I found a post that describe clearly about the Fisher Price Brilliant Basic Baby's First Block develop your child or down syndrome case.

There are steps to child become to insert any block correctly by close almost all hole of box then remain a hole after that let a baby find block that match to the hole.It work .

Then jz do repeat all hole. When your child finished . You can add to 2 hole for kid in order to increase difficulty. Fisher Price Brilliant Basic Baby's First Block can help your child a bit improved.

Finally your child will laugh like below ^____^.

Then you will laugh like this ^_________^   .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

See more picture at Product Pictures.

Review : Love this sorter!

This was bought for my 6 month old, so at first he's just chewing on the blocks, but I am really excited for him to start realizing what he is "supposed" to do with it. Very durable, bright colors, great toy all around. 

As other reviewers have mentioned, the lid does no snap on, and I'm sure a lot of babies will learn to bypass the sorting because of this. Honestly, I see that as logical reasoning! Toys that have many uses are great in my house, and if he wants to just fill up the bucket and dump it out then I'm fine with it. Sorting the shapes will be a special game we play together.

BY : BurleysGirl
From : amazon.com

Review : Entertaining toy

My 8 month old daughter enjoys playing with this toy that she got 1 month ago. It's true that the lid comes off easily, and that's the first thing she discovered. I set the blocks down in front of her and she takes the lid off and proceeds to take the blocks out. She also likes banging the blocks together, and chewing them. She can occupy herself with the toy for 10-20 minutes on her own. I'm sure as she gets older she will begin to use it a sorting toy (I've been showing her how it works, and she likes watching me put the blocks through their holes).

BY : A. Kozdron
From : amazon.com

Review : fun but not a great shape sorter

My son loves to mouth and whack these blocks together. They make a great sound when thwacked together. I was worried about the plastic california thing til I realized that practically everything is known to the state of california to cause cancer. They are plastic after all, as are most of his toys. These were cheap and have great sound. The box is nice because it makes a lot of racket when he plays with the blocks against it. The lid does not stay on. I am not sure my son will ever use it as intended, but I guess I do not care. Maybe when he gets much older, but as it is, he loves to mouth the lid too. It is very interesting to him to hold and manipulate. And it has an embossed side that the block sound good rubbed against. If you are not looking for a good racket, maybe you should stay clear of it, but I like it for that since my son seems to love making the noises. The blocks are also easy to pick up, light and have lots of places to grab.

BY : S. Johnson "amazon goddess"

Review : INVALUABLE !!

This product comes with two blocks of each geometrical shape allowing you and your child to take turns or follow the leader while learning shapes colors and hand-eye coordination :O) 
The toy itself is very durable so as to allow for attempts at wrong shape wrong hole without damage or distortion to the blocks or the box. 
It even takes a beating if your child decides it is more fun to bang the blocks together like cymbals. 
No matter the activities in your playtime with your child, this learning tool is invaluable !!

BY : Matthew R. Williams
From : amazon.com

Review : Simple and fun!

Our 13 month old daughter has had this since she was about 6 months old and she loves it! At first she just liked chewing the cubes, then she moved on to dumping them out of the bucket, and now she is finally starting to put the blocks in the holes. It's great to see the progression! It has outlasted many of her pricey toys and it's so sturdy I have no doubt it will be around for years. The only downside is the foil sticker on the side of the bucket means it can't get thrown in the sink.

BY : DaveK

Review : Great toy!

My husband & I love this toy. My 10 month old plays with it everyday & has since she's been 7 months old. 
Although I agree that the lid comes off easily, I don't see it as a problem. Infact, I actually like that about the toy because it can be used to hold other toys. There is no way a 6 month old has the ability to fit the shapes in the correct holes anyhow- that is a much more advanced skill that my friend's 2 year old is just learning now with the same exact toy. So I would argue that this toy is good for children of all ages because it can be used for many different stages of development. When she first started playing with the toy she'd just put the blocks in her mouth & knock the container over to spill them all out. Within the last few weeks we've noticed she now is much more deliberate and will take the blocks out & place them back into the container without knocking anything over. We can really see her development with this toy more so than with any other. Perhaps this is because she plays with them everyday. We also like this toy more than any other because it allows us to interact with her so much more. We can play with the blocks with her such as building towers for her to knock down, showing her the colors & shapes & how they fit, even tossing or rolling them back & forth to get her used to the idea of rolling, catching & throwing. The 2 biggest complaints I have are that 1) they are easy to lose, and 2) they are impossible to find in the stores. Toyrus doesn't have them in their stores or online as far as I can tell, and I could only find them in an actual target store, not online at all. So if you want this toy I suggest you order it from Amazon.com and don't even bother looking for it anywhere else.

BY : K. Fleming

Review : Design really seems suited for toddler play

I bought his for my son when he turned 1 and it turned out to be a pretty fun toy, for a shape sorter. He was able to take the lid off and replace it easily, which helped cut down on his frustration level early on when he wanted to put the shapes in the bin and couldn't quite get them into the holes right. It also allowed him to easily to put other items in the bucket to carry around. 

The toy also held up really well to his rough play (standing on it, throwing it, etc.), and the shapes are easily identifiable among other toys so gathering the pieces aren't too difficult (the boy loves to throw things!). Every so often we would sit down and play with this together, and he really seemed to have fun showing me what he could do, and I could tell he was very proud when he mastered it. He did utilize it in his free play time as well, though not quite in the structured manner it is designed for. Great value for the price, and great design overall.

BY : Jen In Cincy "cygnusdrache"

Review : Great Stacker, Bright Colors, Good Sorter

My granddaughter LOVES this toy! She started playing with this toy at 6 months and is now 8 months. From the beginning she was able to grab ahold of each piece with ease, she bangs them together and gets different sounds for different pieces and I tell her what color and/or shape with each piece she picks up. Our favorite part about this toy is we turn the bucket over, I stack the blocks on top of each other and she knocks them over - the look on her face every time is priceless. We carry on with this toy for well over 40 minutes each playtime. She seems to also get a kick out of dumping the bucket as quickly as I've loaded it...good skill builder as she's learning to put them back in now.

BY : Wendy L. Hartford

Review : Great staple toy for babies

We bought this for my son when he was six months old. At that time he was just interested in chewing on the blocks and turning them over, but as he gets older (he is almost 11 months now) he finds more to do with the blocks. He throws them and chases after them, he bangs them on the floor, he puts them in the pail and dumps them out again and again... I am sure he will soon be working on putting them through the holes in the lid. This is a great basic toy to help babies learn about shapes and colors, as well as how shape affects how things turn or roll. My son has lots of fancy expensive toys, but he would rather have these blocks, a spatula, and a clean two liter bottle, and he can play for ages. My only complaint is that the blocks are impossible to keep together and we find them under the sofa and under the pack-n-play, and behind the chair- you get the idea. But that really isn't a solveable problem, I'm just whining, so the toy still gets 5 stars.

By : AJ "hattergal"

Review : My baby loves Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks!!!!

This set of blocks was an impulse buy. My baby was beginning to sit up and I wanted something that would keep him occupied while he was practicing his new sitting skills. I also am trying to balance the singing/noisemaking toys with simpler toys. 

For a 7 month old baby (he got them at 5 months) I love everything about these blocks, the bucket and the lid. They are colorful and catch his attention. They are lightweight so he can pick them up and manipulate them. His coordination is improving on a daily basis. Other reviews have mentioned that the lid doesn't stay on so, but I see this as a positive so that my baby can remove the lid himself and take out all the toys inside. Maybe as my child gets older and is able to use the sorter, I will be more concerned with this, but for now it doesn't present a problem. 

I wasn't expecting this simple toy to hold his attention for very long, but this is the toy that he plays with for the longest period of time. He hasn't gotten bored with it at all. Well worth the cost, but cheaper elsewhere.

BY : Briggsmo
From : amazon.com

Review : He likes it!

My nine month old son likes this toy. The lid doesn't snap on so its easy for him to have fun without getting frustrated. Perhaps when he is older he will play with it more the way its intended. But for now, he is just having fun, which means he is happy and distracted from trying to grab buttons and other things inappropriate for babies.

by : Amazed
From : amazon.com

Review : Lid doesn't snap on

My son, aged 13 months, will humor me and put a few shapes through the slots... then will throw the lid off and dump the rest in one by one in the bucket. If the lid could snap on and STAY on this toy would serve its purpose. However, it was more fun for him when he was smaller and just enjoyed taking the lid off and carrying around the blocks. For the purpose of sorting it's useless since most babies will figure out how much easier it is to just take the lid off first!

by : R C
From : amazon.com

Review : Not horrible, but there are better out there

There isn't much to say about a shape sorter - they are (in general) great for young toddlers. It's one of the better early brain development toys, and any "game" where the goal is to put all the pieces away is something worth embracing. 

That being said, most shape sorters aren't going to appear much different, so there is generally going to be one or two things that differ from one to the other. The Fisher Price model here has a rectangular base which stays firm, and comes with a carrying handle (which is nice, I guess.) The shape blocks have a small hole in the middle to make it a little less of a choking hazard. 

However the major flaw with the product is the top of the sorter. It is easily removable, even by accident. Just pulling up on the top through the holes can pull off the top, eliminating any of the "challenge" of putting the blocks through the holes. I guess you could say the real brain development of this toy is whether they can figure out how easy it is to just remove the top. 

I would think most toddlers don't want to take the cheap way out, so if you can find this cheap enough here (or need the immediate gratification of finding it in a brick & mortar store) then it's not a horrible pick, but if you're looking for a shower gift, I'd highly recommend the Tolo Rolling Shape Sorter instead. For a few dollars more, you get a much better product with locking tops (both sides) and rattling blocks.

by : T.Edward
From : amazon.com

Review : Fun simple toy for many stages of development

My Mother-In-Law got this for my son when he was six months old. He has played with these blocks pretty much everyday since then. They are small and light and easy for those little teeny hands to grab. When he first got them he would bang the blocks together, bang the blocks on the bucket, and then grab the bucket with his feet and study it. Then he tried to grab two blocks at once. Then three. He would grab the blocks out of the bucket. We stack them, he knocks them down. He grabs the lid and bangs it on everything in sight. Now that he's figuring out how to put things into other things he'll put the blocks into everything, into the middle of his stackable rings, into buckets, into the actual bucket and occasionally he'll place a block on top of the lid and then look at me like - did I do that right? We're also now putting just the lid on the floor and setting the blocks into the right holes so he can see what goes where, which he is very interested in. 

I love it that some day, when he's older, he'll make the connection between the actual block and cutout shapes and start putting the blocks through the correct holes. I think that mental connection is more important then just forcing things through whatever hole they happen to fit in. I guess eventually babies will get the concept either way but for us this is the perfect shape sorter.

by : Amber Costley
from : amazon.com