Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : Great toy!

My husband & I love this toy. My 10 month old plays with it everyday & has since she's been 7 months old. 
Although I agree that the lid comes off easily, I don't see it as a problem. Infact, I actually like that about the toy because it can be used to hold other toys. There is no way a 6 month old has the ability to fit the shapes in the correct holes anyhow- that is a much more advanced skill that my friend's 2 year old is just learning now with the same exact toy. So I would argue that this toy is good for children of all ages because it can be used for many different stages of development. When she first started playing with the toy she'd just put the blocks in her mouth & knock the container over to spill them all out. Within the last few weeks we've noticed she now is much more deliberate and will take the blocks out & place them back into the container without knocking anything over. We can really see her development with this toy more so than with any other. Perhaps this is because she plays with them everyday. We also like this toy more than any other because it allows us to interact with her so much more. We can play with the blocks with her such as building towers for her to knock down, showing her the colors & shapes & how they fit, even tossing or rolling them back & forth to get her used to the idea of rolling, catching & throwing. The 2 biggest complaints I have are that 1) they are easy to lose, and 2) they are impossible to find in the stores. Toyrus doesn't have them in their stores or online as far as I can tell, and I could only find them in an actual target store, not online at all. So if you want this toy I suggest you order it from Amazon.com and don't even bother looking for it anywhere else.

BY : K. Fleming

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