Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : fun but not a great shape sorter

My son loves to mouth and whack these blocks together. They make a great sound when thwacked together. I was worried about the plastic california thing til I realized that practically everything is known to the state of california to cause cancer. They are plastic after all, as are most of his toys. These were cheap and have great sound. The box is nice because it makes a lot of racket when he plays with the blocks against it. The lid does not stay on. I am not sure my son will ever use it as intended, but I guess I do not care. Maybe when he gets much older, but as it is, he loves to mouth the lid too. It is very interesting to him to hold and manipulate. And it has an embossed side that the block sound good rubbed against. If you are not looking for a good racket, maybe you should stay clear of it, but I like it for that since my son seems to love making the noises. The blocks are also easy to pick up, light and have lots of places to grab.

BY : S. Johnson "amazon goddess"

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