Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : Fun simple toy for many stages of development

My Mother-In-Law got this for my son when he was six months old. He has played with these blocks pretty much everyday since then. They are small and light and easy for those little teeny hands to grab. When he first got them he would bang the blocks together, bang the blocks on the bucket, and then grab the bucket with his feet and study it. Then he tried to grab two blocks at once. Then three. He would grab the blocks out of the bucket. We stack them, he knocks them down. He grabs the lid and bangs it on everything in sight. Now that he's figuring out how to put things into other things he'll put the blocks into everything, into the middle of his stackable rings, into buckets, into the actual bucket and occasionally he'll place a block on top of the lid and then look at me like - did I do that right? We're also now putting just the lid on the floor and setting the blocks into the right holes so he can see what goes where, which he is very interested in. 

I love it that some day, when he's older, he'll make the connection between the actual block and cutout shapes and start putting the blocks through the correct holes. I think that mental connection is more important then just forcing things through whatever hole they happen to fit in. I guess eventually babies will get the concept either way but for us this is the perfect shape sorter.

by : Amber Costley
from : amazon.com

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