Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : Not horrible, but there are better out there

There isn't much to say about a shape sorter - they are (in general) great for young toddlers. It's one of the better early brain development toys, and any "game" where the goal is to put all the pieces away is something worth embracing. 

That being said, most shape sorters aren't going to appear much different, so there is generally going to be one or two things that differ from one to the other. The Fisher Price model here has a rectangular base which stays firm, and comes with a carrying handle (which is nice, I guess.) The shape blocks have a small hole in the middle to make it a little less of a choking hazard. 

However the major flaw with the product is the top of the sorter. It is easily removable, even by accident. Just pulling up on the top through the holes can pull off the top, eliminating any of the "challenge" of putting the blocks through the holes. I guess you could say the real brain development of this toy is whether they can figure out how easy it is to just remove the top. 

I would think most toddlers don't want to take the cheap way out, so if you can find this cheap enough here (or need the immediate gratification of finding it in a brick & mortar store) then it's not a horrible pick, but if you're looking for a shower gift, I'd highly recommend the Tolo Rolling Shape Sorter instead. For a few dollars more, you get a much better product with locking tops (both sides) and rattling blocks.

by : T.Edward
From : amazon.com

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