Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : Great Stacker, Bright Colors, Good Sorter

My granddaughter LOVES this toy! She started playing with this toy at 6 months and is now 8 months. From the beginning she was able to grab ahold of each piece with ease, she bangs them together and gets different sounds for different pieces and I tell her what color and/or shape with each piece she picks up. Our favorite part about this toy is we turn the bucket over, I stack the blocks on top of each other and she knocks them over - the look on her face every time is priceless. We carry on with this toy for well over 40 minutes each playtime. She seems to also get a kick out of dumping the bucket as quickly as I've loaded it...good skill builder as she's learning to put them back in now.

BY : Wendy L. Hartford

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