Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : Great staple toy for babies

We bought this for my son when he was six months old. At that time he was just interested in chewing on the blocks and turning them over, but as he gets older (he is almost 11 months now) he finds more to do with the blocks. He throws them and chases after them, he bangs them on the floor, he puts them in the pail and dumps them out again and again... I am sure he will soon be working on putting them through the holes in the lid. This is a great basic toy to help babies learn about shapes and colors, as well as how shape affects how things turn or roll. My son has lots of fancy expensive toys, but he would rather have these blocks, a spatula, and a clean two liter bottle, and he can play for ages. My only complaint is that the blocks are impossible to keep together and we find them under the sofa and under the pack-n-play, and behind the chair- you get the idea. But that really isn't a solveable problem, I'm just whining, so the toy still gets 5 stars.

By : AJ "hattergal"

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