Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review : My baby loves Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks!!!!

This set of blocks was an impulse buy. My baby was beginning to sit up and I wanted something that would keep him occupied while he was practicing his new sitting skills. I also am trying to balance the singing/noisemaking toys with simpler toys. 

For a 7 month old baby (he got them at 5 months) I love everything about these blocks, the bucket and the lid. They are colorful and catch his attention. They are lightweight so he can pick them up and manipulate them. His coordination is improving on a daily basis. Other reviews have mentioned that the lid doesn't stay on so, but I see this as a positive so that my baby can remove the lid himself and take out all the toys inside. Maybe as my child gets older and is able to use the sorter, I will be more concerned with this, but for now it doesn't present a problem. 

I wasn't expecting this simple toy to hold his attention for very long, but this is the toy that he plays with for the longest period of time. He hasn't gotten bored with it at all. Well worth the cost, but cheaper elsewhere.

BY : Briggsmo
From : amazon.com

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